Meet the Keynotes

James McNerney, Jr.

Chairman, President and CEO, The Boeing Company

Leading Innovation PMO16GEN02

Innovation is more critical than ever to succeeding in business, as globalization and digitization now offsets many other competitive advantages such as cost, capacity and supply-chain availability. Done right, innovation drives customer success and loyalty and financial success. But Jim McNerney believes innovation has to be more actively managed than any other activity, needs support and funding through step function changes in productivity in the business base, and when done successfully, is the primary reason “the best of the best” will want to join your company. Using his history of executive leadership at The Boeing Company, 3M and GE, McNerney explores the intersection of innovation, leadership and global competition, and the pitfalls that can occur when too much innovation happens too fast—or when innovation’s pace does not meet market or competitive requirements.


Dr. Jonah Berger
Professor - Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania; Best Selling Author

Invisible Influence: The Hidden Forces That Shape Behavior PMO16GEN03

Are you trying to motivate employee behavior and consumer buying decisions, or drive political or public opinion? Jonah Berger’s keynote looks at the subtle and secret influences that drive the decisions we make—from what we buy to where to eat to what we wear and the careers we choose. A must-see presentation for anyone tasked with persuading others to take action—Berger argues that other people’s behavior influences us at every moment of our lives, and that learning to better understand the influences driving you, your co-workers, employees, family members, potential partners, business associates, and clients can lead to more productive relationships and lives.

Drawing on research he conducted for his book Invisible Influence, Berger integrates studies of business, psychology, and social science to lift the cloak of invisibility from the driving forces behind our daily choices, transforming the way audiences see themselves and others. With this speech, Berger shows audiences how to, as Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh put it, “influence others, make smarter decisions, or just better understand the mystery that is human behavior.” A speech brimming with ideas that will provoke deep reflection, Berger gives audiences the tools they need to capitalize on invisible influences.

Olivia Fox Cabane
High Potential Leadership Development Expert

Charisma and Leadership: The Science of Trust, Influence and Persuasion PMO16GEN04

Within a few seconds, people judge your level of intelligence, trustworthiness, and social status. This happens in an instant, and yet can impact the way you're perceived for the rest of the relationship. How can you turn this to your advantage? This keynote will cover the science of charisma, the keys to making fantastic first impressions, and the secrets to having that "wow effect", that “boardroom presence” to quickly establish credibility, trust, and rapport.